It is terrible to toot your own trumpet, but this is one of the ideas that we had for our wedding that I was so pleased with.  Nick and I love our food and love supporting local producers, so we always knew this was going to be woven throughout our wedding.  There were moments we worried we might be overfeeding people!

We have a wonderful local farm to where we live in Cheshire that makes its own ice cream – we practically live off the stuff.  Somehow we wanted to incorporate this into our wedding day, and the only place we could think of when people might need something to eat and break up any standing around was after the ceremony.

So we set about creating our own ice cream stall that would greet our family and friends as they exited the church.  We commandeered a nice old trestle table from my parents, which meant we didn’t need to cover it.

Nick built a wooden cone holder by drilling holes into a plank of wood and attaching legs to it.  Then I painted it with leftover paints (tester pots are great for small projects).

After we’d been to see the ice cream farm and selected our flavours, Nick used one of the tubs to measure out and make a box to hold them.  That way it would look nicer from the outside (not plastic tubs) and hopefully make it easier to scoop the ice cream.  This was also painted by me.

On the morning of the wedding the boys went down to the church and set up the stall at the back in the church yard.  They used two long bamboo canes, fastened to the trestle legs, to string silk bunting between them.

This beautiful bunting was made by a good friend’s mum Michelle Samuels, who is a talented seamstress and gifted us this bunting when we got engaged.  It is made from off-cuts from her dressmaking (she makes wedding dresses).

My sister Izzy wrote out the three flavours – Farmhouse, Chocolate, and Raspberry Pavlova – onto a small blackboard, which was propped up against the box.  We bought tiny cones from the ice cream farm, and borrowed their scoops.

After Nick and I had left the church beneath a shower of confetti, everyone headed off to get themself an ice cream.  The best part about being the bride and groom was queue jumping.

It made for great photos – like this one of my granny…

A lovely one of Nick’s stepbrother and wife…

Silly pictures of your mommy eating ice cream whilst still looking glamorous…

And your littlest flowergirl…what a cheeky face…

Oh and not forgetting this one of Nick and I – I’m pretty sure I knew he was having a bite, though I wouldn’t put it past him to sneak my ice cream normally…

So while everyone was munching on their ice creams, it meant they didn’t get bored while we swanned around as the happily (and now married) couple – I love this photo taken by my sister Izzy, what am I doing?

Images from top: (1) Mark Tattersall; (2+3) Izzy Burton Photography; (4-10) Mark Tattersall; (11) taken by family; (12) Izzy Burton Photography; (13) Mark Tattersall; (14) Izzy Burton Photography



brideinwhite on 6. October, 2011

I love this, everyone’s really getting into it as well, and I love how it would have made everyone feel a sense of childhood fun and merriment. Fabulous!! I would love to share this in my next Link Love post.

CharlieB on 6. October, 2011

I think you got it exactly right when you mentioned that sense of childhood fun – I think childhood memories are a wonderful way to guide your wedding planning, remembering what they were and why they were special or fun, and then trying to recreate those. I would love you to share the link in your next Link Love post – thank you 🙂

Emma on 3. February, 2012

I love this idea of having your favourite ice cream served at your wedding and really wanted to do it myself when the time finally comes! But one part I could never figure out, is who would you get to serve it? Could I be cheeky and asked who you got to serve to your guests? Thank you!! 🙂 I love all the ice cream munching photos by the way! xxxx

CharlieB on 3. February, 2012

Hi Emma, thanks for your lovely message about the ice cream stand we created, it was loved by all ages at our wedding and I love all the ice cream eating shots too 🙂 Although we wanted to do loads of our wedding ourselves, and I didn’t want any strangers wandering around serving drinks etc, I did appreciate nearer the time we just couldn’t do it without some help. My mom got 4 of her friends (I believe she paid them) to waitress for us – they were utterly invaluable, making all the teas and coffees, coordinating with Cotswold Cooks who did the catering, and they also bought the ice cream down to the church yard during the ceremony and we ready to serve everyone ice cream when we came out. I hope that helps 🙂 xXx

CharlieB on 3. February, 2012

P.S. Emma – just had a look at your blog and seen the post you did last summer which has a link to our wedding on Love My Dress – your comment about the most cakes ever seen at a wedding made me smile 🙂

Emma on 3. February, 2012

Thanks for that Charlie! Glad you liked the little mention 🙂 xxx

Lisa on 22. March, 2012

This is so cute! We are thinking about doing something similar with an ice-cream van (getting married near the seaside so seems appropriate) but just wondered if the church/vicar had an issue with use of the church yard at all and you had to convince them? Or was it all pretty straightforward? Thanks!

CharlieB on 22. March, 2012

Hi Lisa, no we had no problems with using the church yard, but we knew the vicar quite well. I would recommend just talking to them, explaining what your plans are and that you clear everything up, no rubbish etc. Quite a lot of people seem to be having an ice cream van after a church ceremony so I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem. Hope you managed to get it sorted! Best wishes, Charlie xXx

Sorvete no Casamento on 7. May, 2013

[…] Acessem esse link e vejam com seus próprios olhos! […]

Becky on 15. August, 2017

How did you keep it cold…Just ice ??
Also planning this.

Charlie on 19. August, 2017

Hi Becky, we had someone bring the ice cream down for the end of our wedding ceremony, so it came straight from the freezer. If it needed to sit out longer I think we would have kept the ice cream in a cool box with lots of ice packs to keep it frozen. Best of luck x

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