A timeless rustic wedding amidst the rain and snow


This might just be one of my favourite weddings ever.  I love the simplicity of it: the beautiful scenery, pretty dress, and everyone dressed in their rain coats huddling beneath umbrellas does all the speaking.  There’s no need for overly fussy details.

That being said, there are a few fun details, like the handmade flags and these gorgeous giant paper flowers.

This is a very timeless wedding, which is something I’ve been thinking about a lot when looking at some of the overly themed or stylised weddings you see.  I very much believe that everyone should do what they want at their wedding, but I wonder how we will all look back on our wedding photos when we are in our 80’s.

So many people like to include framed photos of their parents and grandparents on their wedding day, and all those photos seem so timeless, so very much of the era.  But will ours look like that?  There are so many fads, and trends, and themes, will we look back and think “Oh gosh, what were we thinking?”

A wedding like this, I don’t think they will.  For me it is timeless, simple, of the time and place, letting the emotions and meaning of the day come through.  What do you think?

If you’d like to see all of the photos from this beautiful rustic wedding you can find them here.

Images: Jenna Walker Photographers via Style Me Pretty


ali on 9. September, 2011

Whoa! Your thoughts on our wedding were EXACTLY what we were going for…timelessness, simplicity and not an overly stylized production. We are both wedding photographers and while we see so many amazingly beautiful weddings we have come to learn and appreciate the true meaning of a wedding: it isn’t about all the little details, or over the top expenses it is about the two of you celebrating a special moment in your lives (with maybe some really good food and your favorite people to help celebrate). I really appreciate your very thoughtful and kind words!

CharlieB on 9. September, 2011

How lovely to hear from you :) It’s made my day. Your wedding was so beautiful and it’s great to hear that my thoughts on what your wedding looked like from the photos were what you wanted. You obviously had an amazing photographer who captured it beautifully. I think it is so easy to forget about what a wedding is really about, and I agree that great food and your favourite people are the most important elements after you celebrating getting married xXx

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ALG on 20. March, 2012

I love your photos and lovely reflections on your wedding day. Unexpectedly it was the giant flower/unmbrella held by the little girl in your pictures that made me smile most….. did you make these or buy them? I’d really like to share this detail with my friend and family as it made me smile so much, hopefully it’ll have the same effct on my guests! if you made them have you any tips for where/how I might recreate a simillar thing (my wedding is all hessian and cream…. some brightly coloured flowwer could be just the thing I’m looking for for a splash of colour!). Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pictures with us all x


CharlieB on 22. March, 2012

Hi there, these pictures aren’t in fact of my wedding – but they are incredibly beautiful, which is why I wanted to share them with everyone. I have sent the girl who’s wedding it was an email asking her about the giant flowers, so will wait to hear back from her and then be in touch with you. They are fantastic those giant flowers and I imagine if you have lots of hessian and cream colours that a few bright flowers would look lovely. I’ll be in touch once I hear back from the bride whose wedding it was, love Charlie xXx

Ali on 22. March, 2012

Hey folks! Yes, I made the paper flowers myself and it was a pretty easy process. The four little girls were my “bridesmaids” so I let them each pick out one nice patterned paper for their flower and then I found coordinating solid colors. I used this DIY as my guide and attached the flower head to a large fake flower stem. We all made the flowers together…a fun moment in the planning process and the girls now have the flowers as decorations in their rooms. (the ones that didn’t get sopping wet from the snow!)

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